wrote this years ago during the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton.

We should repeal the 22nd Amendment and elect him again.

Thomas Jefferson

seduced the wife of his best friend and supposedly had an ongoing affair with his seventeen year old mulatto slave, Sally Hemmings.

Alexander Hamilton

the illegitmate son of a shopkeeper mother whose father deserted them, fell victim to a plot of sexual blackmail. He was seduced by the wife of con artist James Reynolds, who demanded a thousand dollars in hush money and then encouraged Hamilton to continue the affair for over a year in return for regular payoffs. The scandal became public years later, and Hamilton penned and published a confession, which became a bestseller.

Andrew Jackson

married a woman who had not legally divorced her previous husband. Opponents claimed his mother was a prostitute brought to America by British soldiers.

Martin Van Buren

the rumored illegitimate son of Aaron Burr, selected as his vice presidential running mate Richard Johnson, a hero of the War of 1812 renown for killing the Indian leader Tecumseh. During the campaign, controversy erupted over Johnson's affair with one of his black slaves, who had died years earlier. He was left with a family of mulatto children that he continued to publicly support. Van Buren stood firmly behind him, and Johnson was elected vice president in 1837.

James Buchanan

the nation's only bachelor president, was probably also the only gay president. He and Alabama senator William King were inseparable, sharing rooms for over twenty-three years. Contemporaries referred to King—who went on to become the country's only bachelor vice president during Franklin Pierce's administration—variously as Miss Nancy, Aunt Fancy, and as Buchanan's wife and better half.

Grover Cleveland

was elected in 1884 despite the scandal of having had an illegitimate son.

Warren Harding

had two lifelong mistresses, which remained unknown to the public until after his death. His younger mistress lived in Chicago with his illegitimate daughter. The other mistress and her husband were sent on a cruise to Asia by the Republican National Committee to get her out of the country during the 1920 election.

Franklin Roosevelt

and his wife Eleanor both moved their reputed lovers into the White House. FDR's personal secretary Missy LeHand had a bedroom adjoining the president's through a curtained French door, and was often seen in FDR's room in her nightgown. Eleanor's lesbian friend Lorena Hickock moved into the White House in 1941 and frequently spent the night in Eleanor's room.

Dwight Eisenhower

had a wartime affair with his chauffeur, former model and actress Kay Summersby.

John Kennedy

we all know about.

Lyndon Johnson

was a well-known womanizer, numbering among his affairs a thirty-year romance with six-foot Texan Alice Glass, and a twenty-year relationship with Madeline Brown, who claims LBJ told her the day before the JFK assassination that soon he wouldn't have to worry about those Kennedy boys anymore.

Richard Nixon

is rumored to have had an affair with Marianna Liu, a tour guide he met in Hong Kong in 1958. She was admitted to the U.S. as a permanent resident in 1969, sponsored by two of Nixon's friends.

George H. W. Bush

None of his alleged girlfriends have gone on record, in part because some of the women frequently mentioned hold high-paying government positions. One woman named publicly during the 1992 campaign was Jennifer Fitzgerald, a former Nixon aide and State Department deputy chief of protocol. She became Bush's personal assistant in 1974 and has, as The Washington Post put it, served Bush "in a variety of positions." In 1988 a British tabloid published the name of another alleged mistress on whose doorstep Bush was rumored to have been shot in 1981.