hen I was a kid I had a talking Batman and Robin alarm clock. The alarm consisted of a scratchy miniature record player—called an Ozen box—hidden inside the clock that played this dialogue between the Dynamic Duo

batman clock.mp3

ow I own a CD alarm clock, and besides the Batman clip there are several songs I wake up to in the morning. Since I usually only hear the first few seconds before I hit the snooze button, I edited some of these to start where the song lyrics say wake up or good morning or whatever.

The Beatles "Good Morning Good Morning"

An obvious choice, starts with a rooster crowing and then launches into the chorus of "Good Morning! Good Morning!" The story goes that John Lennon wrote it after seeing a commercial for Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Or maybe he wrote it after he heard this

The Rolling Stones "Wake Up (Rice Krispies)"

wake up (rice krispies).mp3

The Stones don't actually appear on camera, but in 1964 they knocked off one of most rockin' jingles ever recorded for a television commercial. Wakes you up and makes you hungry.

Woody Guthrie "Wake Up"

Woody Guthrie wrote lots of songs for children, and this charming ditty features Woody singing and playing his acoustic fascist killing machine while encouraging kids to wake up, open eyes, stretch arms and feet and hands and toes, play with toys, play with all the girls and boys, see the sun shine in, and listen to all the things outside. A happy song to hear first thing in the morning.

Harry Nilsson "Gotta Get Up"

A song about being passed out somewhere and waking up and having to get home before the sun comes up, and about getting old and not being able to party like you used to. Another song that always warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.

Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly, and Donald O'Connor "Good Morning"

Insipid cheerfulness from the soundtrack to Singin' In The Rain. Technically not a song about waking up, but about staying up all night and talking. Pretty darned wholesome.

Louis Jordan "Early In The Morning"

I don't think the guy in this song ever got to sleep either, he's too bugged about the fight he had with his baby last night, been wandering around town looking for her and winds up in a diner where the waitress tells him he looks beat. It's early in the morning and he ain't got nothin' but the blues.

The Replacements "Wake Up"

This song will really wake you the fuck up. A loud double time punk rock thrasher. Wake up and wonder where you are. Don't wanna do nothing. Don't wanna think nothing. Didn't do nothing. Didn't mean nothing. Wake up and wonder why you wake up.

here are other songs about waking up, like "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go," but nothing I want to hear first thing in the morning.