alking through Yerba Buena Gardens I saw a young Asian girl with a huge Academy of Art portfolio sitting on the grass alone crying her eyes out, mouth open, loud wailing sobs, it broke my heart, I hate to see anyone cry. She kept it up as I crossed the park and entered the Metreon where I got me some Starbucks and bought a hard candy lollipop decorated with a frosting teddy bear and on my way back across the park I took it over to the girl, who was still crying, sniffling more than sobbing. She started apprehensively at my approach. I smiled and held out the lollipop, and she looked at me for a moment then reached up and took it from me. I didn't say anything, turned and headed off toward the Museum of Modern Art, before I walked around the corner I looked back at where she sat eating the lollipop, not crying anymore.